PRODUCT SHOWCASE: KISSsoft system design data interface saves time, offers efficiency

KISSsys is KISSsoft’s system add-on that enables you to model complete gear units and drive trains. KISSsoft calculates the service life and strength of the different machine elements, and transfers the results to KISSsys, where they are displayed in clear overviews. To achieve this, KISSsys brings together kinematic analysis, 3D graphics, and user-defined tables and dialogs.

KISSsys allows the users to perform system-level evaluations in one run, while considering the interdependent effects of all components of the gearbox on one another. System reliability, load spectrum calculation, efficiency and thermal balance evaluation, and modal analysis are now available, and more. And all that with consideration of all possible misalignments calculated in KISSsoft, coming from shaft deflections, planet carrier deformations, bearing stiffnesses, thermal effects, and others.

With GEMS™, Gleason has introduced the next generation design and manufacturing system for bevel gears. It is a powerful new software platform that provides highly desirable gear design and analysis capabilities, seamlessly connects with existing Gleason design software – and helps optimize the complete bevel gear manufacturing process.

  • Easy connection to, and transfer of data with, CAGETM, UNICALTM, and common design software.
  • Import of files from CAGE and UNICAL.
  • Interface with GEMS through touchscreen or conventional mouse/keyboard.
  • 3D gear and pinion graphics with animation.
  • Combined ease-off and TCA for pinion and gear.
  • Interactive tooth surface and ease-off correction and optimization.
  • Real blank geometry for both pinion and gear.
  • 2D tooth profiles along the face width.
  • 2D/3D loaded TCA, including interactive root bending stress and contact stress output with S-N Curves.
  • Interactive tool design with graphical slot and blade output.

GEMS and KISSsys programs are now linked by a direct interface to exchange gear tooth and system design data between the two software packages. From a gearbox model in KISSsys, GEMS supplies the values for the geometry data of a selected bevel gear pair, which is imported and directly set in the corresponding KISSsoft calculation. Thanks to the automatic communication between the bevel set and shaft modules in KISSsys, KISSsoft determines the EPG misalignments of the gears, taking shaft-bending values into account. These results are then transferred to GEMS, which carries out a comprehensive contact analysis for each load case specified by the user in KISSsys. All the important results such as transmission error, meshing stiffness, root stresses, or even contact pressure on the flanks of the pinion and the wheel can finally be displayed in KISSsys after transferring back the result data from GEMS. This process allows the user to evaluate and optimize in a more accurate way any type of bevel or hypoid set with a closed loop between the simulation and the manufacturing processes.