W.M. Berg Introduces Metric/Inch Shaft Adapters

New shaft adapters developed by W.M. Berg are an excellent method to inexpensively convert metric shaft to a standard inch-sized shaft. They are high precision, with tight tolerances on bores, shank, and bore/shank concentricity, and they come in both pin hub and clamp style hubs.

The comprehensive varieties include inch and metric males to inch and metric females, and in both hub styles. As a complementary product to its precision couplings and precision and ultra-precision shafting, they provide a complete solution to many power transmission problems.

These components solve a common problem: trying to couple shafts of two different sizing conventions. It is very uncommon to find as a standard product couplings that have one bore that is inch, and the other that is metric. Using this new product, the need for the repeated purchase of special couplings can be eliminated.

Many machines run metric gearing with metric bores, and many times in design, it is necessary to run metric gears on inch-machined shafts, or inch gears with metric shafts. These new shaft adapters eliminate the need for custom shafting by converting the shaft from a metric size to an inch size, or from an inch size to a metric size. Because of the product's high precision, gears can be mounted directly onto shaft adapters, eliminating the need to have a custom journal on the shaft or having to custom bore the gear. Custom lengths, bores, hubs, and outside diameters are available upon request.

For more information, access the W.M. Berg Web site at [www.wmberg.com].