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Trend Talks: Aerospace Industry

With growth in recent years, the aerospace manufacturing industry is set to continue its upward trend based on several factors affecting the overall market.

Services Profile: All American Mechanical Components and Gears, Inc.

Started in 2003, All American caters to the needs of its customers by creating custom quality gears and bringing an expansive knowledge of gears and gear manufacturing to the table.

Tooling Profile: Colonial Tool Group, Inc.

Despite operating as a major manufacturer of engineered metal cutting solutions for powertrain components in North America, Colonial Tool Group, Inc. has upheld the charm and product quality associated with smaller companies.

Company Profile: Carmona Gear Cutting

With over 80 years of combined experience in the gear-cutting industry, father and son Frank and Robert Carmona and the people at Carmona Gear are here to serve those in need of their gear knowhow and expertise.

Trend Talks: Anna Claire Conrad

Here, we will explore where the gear manufacturing industry has been this past year, where it is now, and where it’s going into 2015 with the help of AGMA President Joe Franklin.

Company Profile: Allen Adams Shaper Services, Inc.

From the ashes of Fellows Corporation rose Allen Adams Shaper Services, Inc., which has been serving companies and people in need of gear shaping services and machine repair since its inception in 2002.

Trend Talks: Anna Claire Conrad

In the wake of the New Year, gear-manufacturing institutions across the globe are making continuing education and training a priority for 2015. This is resulting in a more qualified workforce, leading to better products and services.

Company Profile: United Tool Supply Company

It has been one year since United Tool Supply Company’s founder and president Rusty Young passed away, and his son, Jeff Young has since taken over the family business. A lot has changed throughout the past year, and although the family and company have been faced with...

Trend Talks: Anna Claire Conrad

Now that we’ve kicked off 2015, there’s one thing on everyone’s minds—making more money this year than what was made in 2014. In the gear manufacturing industry, there’s a sure fire way to ensure that will happen… increasing sales.

Company Profile:
Lubrication Engineers, Inc.

What was originally founded by three salesmen looking to provide a superior lubricant to the manufacturing industry has grown into a successful, wide-reaching business with customers and influence all over the world.

Trend Talks: Anna Claire Conrad

Here, you’ll find suggestions and tips to help you regulate daily operations at your company that can have a wide-reaching, beneficial ripple effect.

Trend Talks: Anna Claire Conrad

How a single platform approach facilitated the shift to complex part manufacturing for aerospace and defense

Company Profile: Brevini Gear Systems

Brevini Gear Systems, otherwise known as Brevini Wind USA, is a major contender in the ring of custom gear manufacturing. Although they still participate in the wind industry, their focus is serving the precision custom gear and gearbox market.

Company Profile: Kowalski Heat Treating Company

Kowalski Heat Treating Company is a place where people work hard to play hard. You’ll learn about how the patriarch of the Kowalski family and his wife pioneered their own heat treating company while also raising a family of 18 children.

Trend Talks: Anna Claire Howard

Repairs are one of those things everyone hopes to avoid. But when the time comes to have a component fixed or rebuilt all together, you want to know you’re in capable hands.

Company Profile: Surface Technology, Inc.

Surface Technology, Inc. began as a small family business during the recession in the early 1970s. Deeply rooted in history and innovation, the company has evolved into a world leader in composite electroless coatings.

Trend Talks: Anna Claire Howard

The fast track from high school straight into a university is a popular decision across North America, but it’s not necessarily the right decision for everyone. For some, apprenticeships are a viable option.

CASE STUDY: Cold Forming Technology, Inc., and West Michigan Spline, Inc.

Cold Forming Technology, Inc., and West Michigan Spline, Inc., chose to lead by example and show what happens when two similar companies opt for collaboration instead of competition.

Trend Talks: Anna Claire Howard

Maintaining a high level of quality in gear production relies heavily on the governing industry standard. However, adhering to that standard is optional.

Machines Profile: Kennametal Extrude Hone

Kennametal Extrude Hone has grown from a manufacturer and seller of abrasive flow machining (AFM) machines to include electrochemical machining (ECM) and its thermal energy method (TEM), making it a world leader in these three core practices.

Trend Talks: Anna Claire Conrad

As the baby boomer generation continues to grow, so does the need for high-quality medical equipment, a demand in which gear manufacturers play a key role.

Trend Talks: Anna Claire Howard

Cost Savings
In the gear manufacturing industry, there are several ways to cut down on operating costs, including working with a custom gear manufacturer and purchasing high-quality equipment that will save on long-term costs.

Trend Talks: Research and Development

Although acquiring funding can be a challenge, R&D is a growing area of gear manufacturing. I spoke with industry experts to learn more about where we stand today.

Trend Talks: Year in Review

The U.S. gear manufacturing industry is poised to enter a new era of strength in 2016 due to growth and developments over the past year.

Trend Talks: Research and Development

Strides in R&D are the driving forces behind high customer satisfaction and continuing growth in gear manufacturing.

Trend Talks: Quality Control and Inspection

When it comes to manufacturing high-quality gears, quality control and inspection play crucial roles in meeting industry standards and a customer’s specific needs.

Trend Talks: Education

In an industry as established and evolving as gear manufacturing, education and workforce development remain at the core of its progress.

Trend Talks: Machine Repairs

Many companies in the gear manufacturing industry offer machine repairs as well as a range of services to keep older machines up and running. 

Trend Talks: Training

Gear manufacturers and industry associations take on the responsibility of training the next generation of a qualified and skilled workforce.

Trend Talks: Wind Turbine Gearboxes

As the wind energy industry continues to expand across the United States following the recent PTC extension, gear manufacturers can look forward to opportunities for growth, too.