Jul 4, 2015
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Company Profile: Surface Technology, Inc.

By: Anna Claire Howard

Surface Technology, Inc. began as a small family business during the recession in the early 1970s. Deeply rooted in history and innovation, the company has evolved into a world...

The Impact of Surface Condition and Lubricant on...

By: Lane Winkelmann, Suren Rao, Ph.D., Gary J. Sroka & Aaron Isaacson

Frictional losses in gear boxes transform into heat, which makes them significant to gear box designers and will result in a fuel efficiency reduction for the vehicle involved....

Flexible Automation Technology Enables Lean...

By: Esben H. Ostergaard

Since 2009, BJ-Gear in Denmark has used collaborative robots from Universal Robots to automate its production of gear wheels. This new type of robots have ushered in...

Application of a Unique Anti-Wear Technology --...

By: Gordon Wang, Yifei Zhang, Xinhui Zhang & Hua Liu

Ion-sulfurized lubricating gradient material (LGM) is a state-of-the-art technology conferring excellent anti-friction and wear-resistant characteristics on metallic parts,...

  • Materials Matter: Fred Eberle -

    The History of Bending Fatigue, Part III
    When creating a model simulation for gear and rolling element fatigue, a disciplined approach is the only way to get it right.

  • Tooth Tips: David Senkfor -

    When facing the difficult decision of buying new or used machinery for your shop, take these suggestions into consideration.

  • Hot Seat: Jack Titus -

    Critical and non-critical aspects of achieving expected results in heat treating processes — Endo carburizing

  • Trend Talks: Anna Claire Howard -

    The fast track from high school straight into a university is a popular decision across North America, but it’s not necessarily the right decision for everyone. For some, apprenticeships are a viable option.

  • Q&A with David Adams -

    Sales Account Executive
    Calico Coatings

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