Aug 27, 2014
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Gear Failure Analysis and Lessons Learned in...

By: Anngwo Wang, Seth E. Gitnes, Dr. Lotfi El-Bayoumy & Jonathan P. Davies

Several gear failure cases yielded important lessons for the development phase of aircraft high lift actuation systems.

Grinding Alternatives

By: Walter Graf

A series of Fine-ground and Polish-ground gears are currently being tested by various gear manufacturing companies and transmission developers around the world.

  • Materials Matter: Fred Eberle -

    There is no substitute for net shape gears when you must leverage the economy of volume to be successful.

  • Tooth Tips: Ron Green -

    In the manufacture of complex shapes such as gear tools, a great deal of machining is required on the pressed blank.

  • Hot Seat: Jack Titus -

    An armchair guide for predicting results for LPC and atmosphere carburizing.

  • Trend Talks: Tim Byrd -

    As IMTS approaches, Gear Solutions spoke to three companies about the concept of  “other people’s work.”

  • Q&A with Brett Froats -

    Vice President of Sales
    Colonial Tool Group, Inc.

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