Jan 31, 2015
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Company Profile: Allen Adams Shaper Services, Inc.

By: Anna Claire Conrad

From the ashes of Fellows Corporation rose Allen Adams Shaper Services, Inc., which has been serving companies and people in need of gear shaping services and machine repair...

Application of ICME to Optimize Metallurgy and...

By: Jeff Grabowski, Jason Sebastian, Aziz Asphahani, Clay Houser, Kerem Taskin, Dave Snyder & QuesTek Innovations LLC

QuesTek Innovations LLC has successfully designed and developed four new steels that can be used in gearing applications, two of which have been implemented in demanding gear...

Optimization of Gear Tooth Contact by Helix Angle...

By: Stuart Hipsley, R.J. Davey, PhD Engineering, R.T. Wheway & University of Wollongong

This paper discusses software that automatically generates a 3-D meshed finite element model of a helical gear set, which does not require the gear designer to have a ...

  • Materials Matter: Fred Eberle -

    This month we are going to discuss several critically important factors designers need to know when developing an application with molded plastic gears.

  • Tooth Tips: Stephen P. Radzevich -

    Preliminary results of testing of low-tooth-count bevel gears of a novel design, part 3

  • Hot Seat: Jack Titus -

    Through comparison to common household devices, this column explores today’s heat-treating process involving furnaces and pumps.

  • Trend Talks: Anna Claire Conrad -

    In the wake of the New Year, gear-manufacturing institutions across the globe are making continuing education and training a priority for 2015. This is resulting in a more qualified workforce, leading to better products and services.

  • Q&A with Jeanine Kunz -

    Managing Director of Workforce and Education
    Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME)

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