Aug 29, 2015
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Company Profile: New England Gear

By: Molly J. Rogers

Celebrating 20 years in the business of remanufacturing late-model CNC Fellows gear shapers, New England Gear attributes its success to excellent customer relationships, a...

A Comparison of Wrought Steel Gears and Surface -...

By: Salvator Nigarura, Rajesh Parameswaran, Mike Scott & Christian Dennert

There is potential in using powder metallurgy transmission gears that match the performance and accuracy of machined gears when fatigue properties and dimensional precision...

Reducing Gear Noise While Improving Performance

By: Bruno Boutantin

Gear noise reduction can be achieved through electrochemical machining, which is a process that accomplishes metal removal by dissolution of surface atoms without direct...

  • Materials Matter: Fred Eberle -

    The History of Bending Fatigue Part V
    The confidence that engineers can put into historical published fatigue data must be proportional to the empirical choices, discipline, and control used in the testing.  

  • Tooth Tips: David Senkfor -

    In gear manufacturing, the key to making more money is to start working on — not in — your business.

  • Hot Seat: Jack Titus -

    Copper brazing, in theory, is not a difficult process. However, proper braze joint fit-up, mesh belt furnaces using disassociated ammonia, and vacuum furnaces have their own important considerations.

  • Trend Talks: Anna Claire Conrad -

    As the baby boomer generation continues to grow, so does the need for high-quality medical equipment, a demand in which gear manufacturers play a key role.

  • Q&A with Sanjai Keshavan -

    Manager ECO Hone & Microfinishing Systems Division
    Nagel Precision, Inc.

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