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Company Profile: Affolter Technologies SA

Building upon its almost 100-year history of making small gears and pinions for Swiss watchmakers, today the company is manufacturing technologically advanced high-precision...

  • Hot Seat: Hardenability

    By: D. Scott MacKenzie, Ph.D., FASM

    Factors that affect hardenability and the rate of austenite transformation — carbon content, grain size, and alloying elements — can be used to calculate hardenability for comparing alloy grades.

  • Materials Matter: Nitriding's “White Layer” and Isotropic Superfinishing

    By: Nathan Michaud

    Isotropic superfinishing is an ideal method of removing the problematic white layer created during the nitriding process.

  • Tooth Tips: Micropitting

    By: Rick Miller

    Calculating EHL film thickness is one way that can help evaluate the relative risk of micropitting related to lubrication, which plays an important role.

  • Q&A with Allen Williston

    A&J Engineering, Division of A&J Group LLC

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