Oct 6, 2015
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Precision Bevel Gears with Low Tooth Count

By: Dr. Stephen P. Radzevich

An analysis focused on the geometry and the kinematics of right-angle bevel gears with low tooth count shows that inequality of base pitches of the gear and mating pinion is...

Layout of the Gear Micro Geometry

By: Dr. Ulrich Kissling

A three-step methodology can be a successful approach to optimizing flank line and profile modifications.

Inspection and Measuring on Threaded Tools

By: Michael Stepke & Dr. Karin Steinmetzer

The measuring machine, ThreadCheck, offers precision for complex geometries, automation, seamless documentation, and production integration.

  • Materials Matter: Fred Eberle -

    History of Bending Fatigue, Part VI
    Knowing when a failure is likely to occur or being able to estimate a mean time to failure may be the most important analysis in mechanical and electrical engineering.

  • Tooth Tips: David Senkfor -

    Streamlining Processes
    While we should strive to make the best product, sometimes it’s best to heed the warning: just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.

  • Hot Seat: Jack Titus -

    Heat Treat Troubleshooting
    When troubleshooting heat treating furnaces and the processes they manage, two elements such as maintenance and the furnace’s historical results can be influential factors.

  • Trend Talks: Anna Claire Howard -

    Cost Savings
    In the gear manufacturing industry, there are several ways to cut down on operating costs, including working with a custom gear manufacturer and purchasing high-quality equipment that will save on long-term costs.

  • Q&A with Jeff Barnes -

    New England Gear

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