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Company Profile: KHK USA

Offering one of the largest selections of metric-dimensioned power transmission gearing in North America as a distributor for Kohara Gear Industry, KHK USA services its...

A New Class of Industrial Gear Oil

By: David B. Gray, Rene Koschabek & Aidan Rose

A new class of industrial gear lubricants based on alternative synthetic materials has been developed to satisfy critical market performance expectations, ensure global supply...

Analysis and Optimization of Asymmetric Epicyclic...

By: Dr. Alexander L. Kapelevich

Following the Direct Gear Design approach to asymmetric epicyclic gear stages with singular and compound planet gears, methods of optimization of the tooth flank asymmetry...

  • Materials Matter: Micropitting

    By: Martin McCormick

    Micropitting is a unique gear failure mode that can be eliminated by isotropic superfinishing.

  • Tooth Tips: Recruiting Millennials

    By: Matt Mondek

    When recruiting to fill a gear design position, you need to be able to understand and manage from the perspective of the millennials, as well as understand the generational dissimilarities.

  • Trend Talks: Cost Savings

    By: Kenneth Carter

    A good company is always looking for ways to save itself money, but a great company looks for ways to pass those savings on to its customers.

  • Hot Seat: Workforce Development

    By: Stephen Kowalski

    There are many reasons why we all need to invest more in human capital, especially in the heat treating industry.

  • Q&A with David Senkfor

    TopGun Consulting LLC

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