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Company Profile: Blaser Swisslube Inc.

By: Molly J. Rogers

Blaser Swisslube has become a global technological leader with its production of high-end Swiss-quality coolants to improve tool life and productivity.

Prediction of Airborne Radiated Noise from...

By: Stephanos Theodossiades, Miguel De la Cruz & Homer Rahnejat

By examining a system comprised of a single gear pair, modeled through integrated contact tribology and inertial transient dynamics, a novel analytical method is introduced for...

Developing a Lighter, Stronger, and Cleaner...

By: Patrik Olund

To meet today's demands for exceptional fatigue strength and tolerance to complex loads, a range of isotropic steels called IQ-Steel was developed by applying the IQ...

Changing the Game with an Innovative Machine...

By: Enrico Landi

The development of a groundbreaking technology for a completely dry grinding process without the need for cutting oils and the release of a new dry-grinding machine has the...

  • Materials Matter: Roughness Measurement of Precision Gear Teeth

    By: Mark Michaud

    Improved finish requirements to reduce surface distress failures have led to the need for accurate and standardized measurement of tooth flank roughness.

  • Tooth Tips: Analyzing Product Failures

    By: Matt Mondek

    When you get a call that your gears are failing or the gearbox is damaged, follow a structured process to guide you and your design team.

  • Trend Talks: Aerospace Industry

    By: Anna Claire Howard

    With growth in recent years, the aerospace manufacturing industry is set to continue its upward trend based on several factors affecting the overall market.

  • Hot Seat: Controls Software in Atmosphere Equipment

    By: Rene Alquicer

    When it comes to your atmosphere furnace, controls software can assist in maintaining balance by regulating, documenting, and archiving a variety of processes. 

  • Q&A with Shawn OBrien

    Each issue, a Gear Solutions editor talks with experienced leaders from companies across the industry to learn about their offerings, philosophy, technology, processes, and customer relationships.

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