Sep 30, 2014
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Company Profile: Robust Gear

By: Tim Byrd

Robust Gear has been manufacturing high quality custom precision gears for over 25 years, and they aren’t slowing down anytime soon.

Gear Resonance Analysis and Experimental...

By: Scott R. Davidson & Jeffrey D. Hayes

Tests to reduce risk are used to build confidence in the design and analysis techniques before the final product reaches an aircraft.

  • Materials Matter: Fred Eberle -

    DIN 5481 type spline serrations can be manufactured by milling cutter, hob, broach, and rolling.

  • Tooth Tips: Ron Green -

    The high cost of dry cutting is offset by the higher cutting speeds it offers.

  • Hot Seat: Jack Titus -

    Metallurgical and heat treat forensics play an important part in determining how and why parts fail.

  • Trend Talks: Tim Byrd -

    Gear Solutions speaks with a handful of industry experts about how precision technology has shaped their products and clientele.

  • Q&A with Bruce Cox -

    Bruce Cox Engineering Corporation

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